Flaming Shado[e:Z]: American Dream is a pre-planned custom DVD Video edition of Flaming Shado[e:Z] with only corridor shooter sections left in action. In addition, only four characters will be playable (except those available on secret levels only), each with his own unique route (although the final level will be the same for each of them) and the player's arsenal is limited with pistols. In addition, the player has to get a certain number of points to move to the next area, although the checkpoint feature which saves his score is available, along with infinite number of allowed retries.


'How many lives can you push away with a mere remote control?'

A revolutionary experiment that supposed to end up the global crisis. Hotspots appearing one after another. The mysterious woman hiding in the shadows. And, to make matters even worse, your violent and loudmouth boss who controls every your step, every your glance and who will make you do harakiri with only one button. But who told you this may distract you from having fun with terrorists? Lots of fun.

  • First-person shooter sections from Flaming Shado[e:Z] recreated with precise detail in everything
  • Play as one of the Blazing Assault members who lead the counter-invasion in Tremble Fusion 0010
  • Lots of alternate routes and secret levels that will make your DVD player explode
  • Quick-action events during both gameplay and cutscenes
  • Party Play feature for two, three or four mercenaries like you

Playable charactersEdit


None by now.