Herzog Zwei is an awesome sequel to Herzog made by Tecno Soft for [[Category:SEGA Mega Drive||MegaDrive in exactly the same year the prequel was released. Often mistaken for the first RTS ever made (and usually after they are completely sure that it's Dune II who started the genre). The gameplay is pretty much different to the first part, although the main canon things are still left in here: mechas, infantries, motorbikes, tanks, turrets and, moreover, bases which you have to destroy.


  • To Herzog: everything mentioned in the first paragraph. But that's not the only things both games share. They also share... MUSIC. That's right, they have almost identical soundtracks. For the ingame songs, while Herzog had 'It Was Concurrent To The Accident' in the isolation, Zwei delivered three 'isolation songs' in the pack: 'There Is No Time To Lose', 'A Breach of Contract' and 'A Mournful War'.
  • To Nether Earth: now, there are bases that you can and should capture. They give additional credits as well.
  • To Macross: now your mech is able to transform!
  • To arcade games: arcade-style controls. Anything else?
  • To simulator games: (partly, though) the energy gauge of your transformer ALWAYS fell down to zero, and when it became completely empty, the transformer will go BOOM... Unless you have actually charged it by floating over one of your bases.

Tactics and strategiesEdit

We would gladly list all of them here, but why wouldn't you enter this page instead, so you would at least have an idea on how to play it, strategy-wise? In any case, here's an extra couple for your delights:

  • Sabotage - works wery well if the AI is dumb and haven't established his defences very well yet. In order to perform this trick, you have to find the closest route to the enemy's HQ, capture the base which is closest (or a bit farther than closest) to it and blow the guards up. Now, you may proceed on with destroying the base entirely, just make sure you keep the enemy's transformer blowing up all the time as well. Here is the photo of this, performed on the same LOCH level, although the only thing differs: the accent is taken on blowing up the plane thing all time, but not really the base.
  • Death From The Water - works alright on the EISFREI and OASE levels. Note that the AI loves to use this trick too sometimes but can't make himself to defend from it normally. Build a couple of gunbots, order them to attack the HQ and... that's it! The base's 'health' level will gradually decrease without the AI's notice. Use this only as a tactic when you play against a friend.