J - Is a male Starjin with a bionic arm. Think Radd Spencer! He is a NOHA member who is hired as a spy to spy on a certain group that uses machines. The "219" is just a code tag. He plans on hunting down Billy Jukes and bring him in one piece or many...


He's a tall Starjin with one bionic arm. He has blondish hair cut short and has reddish orange eyes. He seems to wear a pair of shades at times. His clothing is a white shirt with a green jacket with his rank patch on the sleeve. He also wears a glove on his good arm.


J is a man of few words. He will speak to his close friends or give his foes a good thrashing with words.


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  • The "219" is just a code number given to him. Nothing more.
  • He dislikes Billy Jukes with a passion.
  • He does not like pirates as well.