Mech Knights are a terrorist group. They may think they are doing good, but they are bringing more harm than good. They are a group that contains humans and two Starjins. Among them is a spy Starjinoid-Cyborg named J. Many Robots and Cyborgs do not like Mech Knights, as well for alot of humans and Starjins. ReiKyu is off limits to the Mech Knights, as well for alot of places. Red loathes them. Dallas lost her eye to one and Tanuko lost half of her upper face to them. Kokzaru rather see them as a shiney trophy.


They were formed around 300 years ago; before the great war between them and ReiKyu's nations. Their propose? To bring organics and mechs together and use machines to save them. This did not fare well with alot of Starohsei's population and felt like it would be useless. Even nations who ban the use of machines such as the Jiyuu and Hotto regions of ReiKyu, due to harm and devastation of their fishing ports and forests.

Mech Knights tend to try to make "peace" with other countries, but never succeed in doing so. Even J finds this ridiclous.

Their true leader is unknown, though.

Mech Knights were to belived to nearly drive Viorid's race to extinction and the Pukus to near death. With that, many regions have a large bounty on their heads.

Mech Knights are regaurded as a terrorist group for their actions, causing serval deaths of Starohsei's races.

They were later disbanned when most of their troopers were either caputred and or executed. Their last remaining member was Billy Jukes, who was later killed by Kokezaru. This happened ten years ago their disban.


The Mech Knights' base around the moutain regions of Sef. They also have an underwater base in Sef's seas as well.


These are the important members of the Mech Knights.