Old Krank's Reviews is a review blog ran by Crash Nicker since June 2010.


'General game review' sites. GameFAQs, Gamespot, Mobygames, IGN... They barely have a review for this or that port of a popular PC game to consoles, if you forget about well-known stuff like Warcraft II: The Dark Saga. Such things as PlayStation ports of The Neverhood and Quarantine are left behind the board. Little-known ports of Commandos to MegaDrive and Heroes of Might & Magic series to Game Boy Color or even NES are there as well. Not even talking about the fact that people know Dr. Mario for the NES, but know little about it on ZX Spectrum! Many people consider Herzog Zwei the genesis of real-time strategies (pretty much the same with Dune II), but nobody reviewed the prequel of it, Herzog for MSX2! Not to say about the other predcessors of this genre, like Nether Earth!... Well, in other words, some people are being completely misguided (if they are), so that's why this review project has been created.


The review should be fun and somehow understandable to read. No text size limits, if you forget about the minimum of 4-6 kilobytes of pure text. No ratings at all. Instead, only a stupid yet useful Bottom Line feature.

The object of reviews should be: PC-to-consoles ports (pirates do qualify), undeservedly little-known good games (pirates do qualify again) and games that had 100% (or, at least 75%) chance to be profitable in the console form, but rarely used it during their life cycle. Recently, gamemakers for consoles got their own place under the sun as well.