Sydney without his shades.

Sydney (Shidonii) (シドニー) is a character from Zeroverse. A surfer and a charmer of all women, Sydney rides in! He hails from the southern islands, which would be the planet's version of Australia. Sydney is also one of the few Starjins to wear pants. His weapon of choice are gloves and he fights with hand to hand and feet to feet combat, making him a Monk/Fighter type.


Sydney hails from the souther islands. His sidekick is Eikoudan or "Eiko" as she is called. She is a Jirachi type creature that has been around the surfer for years. Sydney stands around 6'Ft and wears a small black jacket. Below he wears a pair of blue pants and wears blue trainers on his feet. He sports a blue headband around his forhead and a pair of shades. He wears a pair of goggles around his neck. He is 22 years old. He is also an expert on traveling and sea travel.


Sydney is one of the laid back members of the party and stays calm and cool, even when Eiko complains. However, he is often in spats with the Jirachi. Even with the likes of some other party members, Sydney is more of the voice of reason and someone for anyone to turn to. Sydney rather enjoy a day at the beach, rather then get into a scrappy fight. However, challenging Sydney is one of the last things you may wanna do.