thumb|412px|right|The footage of Team Site 4-in-1 Legend of Zelda muticart, done in FCEU. Team Site 4-in-1 Legend of Zelda is a multicart created on the base of Forbidden Four multicart taken from Animal Crossing. Like the original Forbidden Four, this one works on The Legend of Zelda mapper, more simple than on the pirated multicarts, although still requires SRAM to work correctly (except you will hack it that way so it will not save at all).


The original Forbidden Four multicart contained Mario Bros., Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. In this hack, the first three games were replaced with Lunar Ball, World of Card Game (Sachen's collection of card games) and Tank 1990 (hack of Battle City). The multicart menu is actually also hacked, resulting in having new font, logo and text.


For making the actual Forbidden Four hack, you need the SDK below, of course. Although if you want to put a game other than Legend of Zelda, you need to modify the source. Other than that, any games with the correct mappers go.

To fix the broken logo, Djinn Tile Mapper was used.

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Download link

Source and compiler (pretty much the alpha and omega of this)

Team Site 4-in-1 Legend of Zelda footage on YouTube