Zero RyuuseiEdit

He has no problem with Zero. He would steal Zero's food or toy with him. Much like a dog would. He likes Zero and trusts him.

Crash NickerEdit

Viroid trusts Crash. When Crash first meets Viroid, he is trapped in a small cage. Crash asked Viroid to break free. For a beast that does not like humans or Starjins, he is very loyal.

Indiana Ralf StarryEdit

Viroid finds Indy as an... intresting guy. He is slightly confused by the traveler and wonders if he is good, evil or just neutral.


Eikoudan and Viroid often clash together. He finds her annoying, loud and obnoxious. He threatens to eat her, but never will.

Sydney QuirkEdit

Viroid trusts Sydney and would hang around him. He enjoys being petted by the surfer starjin and loves his armour polished by him.


Viroid and Orion are alike in many ways. Both has war scars and tales to tell. Both also love playing Mahjong together under the trees. Viroid almost acts like a loyal cannine to Orion (Samurai and his dog? Viroid isn't a dog, though.)


Viroid's best friend and such a child to understand him. He is very protective of her and would pretty much growl or attack anyone who harms her.


Baldwin and Viroid often clash together. Though, Viroid has learned to trust Baldwin. Both do share a friendly rival relationship and often argue alot.

Spike NebulaEdit

Like with Cheyenne, he protects him.


Viroid has no problem with Numberman. He greatly respect him and finds him to be a good partner when he plays Mahjong.