White Hell is the coldest place on Starohsei. It's located on the northen continent of the planet and it always snows. White Hell is also a very dangerous place. Filled with wild animals, monsters and snowstorms that can be fatal to human or Starjin. It is also the home to Numberman.


White Hell is all snow, moutains and freezing lakes, rivers and oceans. There are cavernvous caves that have maze like paths, icy roads and craggy rocks. Deep snow is another worry, as well for predatory monsters and animals that live on the land. There are boiling hotsprings, which is a safe heaven and a place to recharge your wary self.


There are a few living people on White Hell. A few towns exist in it. Ira, Dezo and Shile. Numberman's Cabin is also located there as well. The people of White Hell live happily and have no worries.

Numberman's CabinEdit

Where "Santa" lives. Numberman took the role of Starohsei's Santa Claus years ago. He stays in his cabin all year round until the winter holidays are celebrated. He has serval helpers called "Little Progs" that help him create gifts for the children of Starohsei and get them ready for delivery. However, it wasn't even the Winter Holidays when Numberman was lost on the planet's many deserts.

Fauna of White HellEdit